Saturday, May 26, 2012

Within The Four Walls "Change Has Begun" May 2012 teaser

The "Women's Day of Freedom" film (as it was previously titled) was started with $500 from people who donated $20-150. With the $500, we were able to host a party for all 60 wives from a small village near Nagarkot. The money covered expenses for renting the bus, cooks, equipment, food (including an entire goat), prizes, and renting the party grounds.  The party was a huge success, despite the fact that the husbands, at the last minute, prevented their wives from bringing the homemade rice whiskey.

The Woman's day of freedom picnic inspired the film which became a portrait of this all changing moment in the history of Nepal. The older generation will never be saved, while the new generation of women are coming into a recently turned communist government. This new institution educates women and treats them equally, therefore this excited new generation is growing up to be the prodigy's of tomorrow who are hungry for education and change.